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Certified Practical Positive Training

 There are as many ways to learn as there are people who learn. At Whoodles, LLC our certified trainer   incorporates 25 years of teaching experience from Kindergarten through high school seniors to provide an   altogether unique and innovative approach to teaching. Following the tenets of positive training which rely on   the bond between owner and pet, Laura adapts not only to the individual needs of each dog, but also to those   of each dog’s unique family. We work with adults, very young children, teens, and seniors customizing   instruction to make sure you get the most out of every single session. To further personalize your   experience, we carefully match participants of group classes as closely as possible in terms of temperament   and goals. 

 For newly acquired young puppies, older rescues, or family dogs who have not had the basics. This course is   most often taught one-on-one. All basic obedience is introduced. We emphasize teaching owners the principles   of positive dog training and learning to really communicate with and interpret your dog so that you finish the   course with all of the skills necessary for a lifetime of obedience.

 If you have graduated from a basic obedience class and want to take your training to the next level, join our   Whoodle Time class. We work to proof all of the basic obedience cues by generalizing them in a group setting   using a variety of innovative techniques. Expect to play games, utilize modified agility obstacles and go   outside. Many dogs will be ready to obtain the AKC Canine Good Citizen title after this course.

 A more advanced training class. We proof all basic cues at a distance and with creative distractions. We   incorporate a tremendous amount of non-competitive agility to further sharpen your dog’s obedience and   focus. We include two special field trips. Many dogs will be ready to obtain the AKC Community Canine Title   after this course.

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    1.  DHLPP or similar equivalent depending on veterinary preference
    2. Bordatella
    3. Rabies by 16 weeks
    4. OR documented exemption from your veterinarian

 For those who have achieved solid obedience and connection. You love doing everything with your dog and 
 enjoy being with other people who are also nuts about their dogs. While this course begins with a complete   review of all obedience skills, most classes take place off-site in a variety of dog-friendly locations   throughout Berks County. 
 Canine Good Citizen Certification
 If you and your dog successfully complete a Whoodle Time class, you might want to pursue the AKC Canine   Good Citizenship title. We offer a three week course that reviews Whoodle Time skills and practices all of   the test items for the CGC test. Many public places such as nursing homes and schools require the official   American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizenship credential. We believe that Canine Good Citizenship is a   wonderful and obtainable goal for almost everyone.